Blue Perfume Stun Gun
Blue Perfume Stun Gun
Blue Perfume Stun Gun
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Blue Perfume Stun Gun

Code Black Security

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A Good Offense is the Best Defense

When a potential aggressor approaches you, make then rue the day! Code Black Security’s perfume stun gun makes you a tough opponent to a perpetrator of any size. To others, the mini stun gun appears to be a purse-sized perfume bottle. However, concealed within the safety cap is a powerful self-defense weapon for women. The perfume stun gun features an LED flashlight that helps temporarily blind a perpetrator while the second button fires a 3 million- volt stun gun.

Product features:

  • Safety cap prevents accidental discharge
  • Discreet and easy to conceal
  • Rhinestone studded case
  • Built-in, rechargeable battery
  • Easy to use
  • Bright LED flashlight

This stun gun is easy to use in even the most stressful situations and provides 3 million volts of electrical current for reliable self-defense.

Product specs:

  • 5 inches long, 1-inch diameter
  • Portable charging cord included
  • 3 million volts
  • 4.2 milliamps
  • Lifetime warranty

Never go anywhere without your stun gun — Preparation is protection!  

*Please consult your local — state, county, and city — stun gun and non-lethal weapon carrying laws.

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