Black Perfume Stun Gun
Black Perfume Stun Gun
Black Perfume Stun Gun
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Black Perfume Stun Gun

Code Black Security

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Be Anything But Ordinary

Code Black Security’s perfume- disguised stun gun is one of our best selling personal defense items. To the onlooker, it appears to be a simple bottle of travel-sized perfume. However, concealed beneath the cap is a powerful non-lethal self-defense weapon for women. The perfume stun gun features an LED flashlight that can help you navigate in the dark or blind an aggressor. The second button operates the stun gun portion. The safety cap prevents accidental discharge.

Product features:

  • Mini design makes it discreet and easy to conceal
  • Stylish rhinestone studded black case
  • Built-in, rechargeable battery
  • Easy to use
  • Bright LED flashlight

The powerful, ultra-mini stun gun is easy to conceal and provides 3 million volts of electrical current for self-defense you can count on.

Product specs:

  • 5 inches long, 1-inch diameter
  • Portable charging cord included
  • 3 million volts
  • 4.2 milliamps
  • Lifetime warranty

Never go out and about without your personal stun gun — Preparation is protection!  

*Please consult your local — state, county, and city — stun gun and non-lethal weapon carrying laws.

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