Indigo Scorpion Venom Pepper Spray (Soft Case)
Indigo Scorpion Venom Pepper Spray (Soft Case)
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Indigo Scorpion Venom Pepper Spray (Soft Case)

Code Black Security

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Tiny but Mighty!

Small does not mean ineffective! Our compact travel-size pepper spray is big defense in a small package. For the protection you deserve, never be without your pepper spray from Code Black Security. This scorpion venom pepper spray is easy to use, simply point and shoot! This pepper spray is the ultimate in non-lethal personal protection. The unique indigo color makes it the perfect accessory for your keychain, purse, or dog leash.

Product features:

  • Snap-closure faux-leather carrying case
  • Clip anywhere
  • Rich indigo colored case

Your safety is our priority and at Code Black Security, we are dedicated to arming every woman with high-quality self-defense equipment necessary to protect themselves. Shop our entire line of purple personal-protection equipment online today!

Product specs:

  • 0.18% oleoresin capsicum (OC) pepper
  • 0.54 oz (15 gram) of product
  • Spray stream fires 3 to 4 yards

Pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, but please check the specific regulations in your area:

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