Red Safe Grip Stun Gun
Red Safe Grip Stun Gun
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Red Safe Grip Stun Gun

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Arm Yourself

The Red Safe Grip Stun Gun is a favorite self-defense weapon for women. You’ll love the comfortable grip offered by this stun gun’s grooves and a rubberized coating which allow you to secure a sure grasp under stressful conditions. This stun gun is also equipped with a built-in, high-powered LED flashlight that allows you to confidently navigate in the dark and can be used as a blinder on an aggressor. Its built-in battery is fully rechargeable with the included charging cord. The stun gun mechanism is powerful, just a few seconds of exposure is enough to subdue a perpetrator. Don’t become a victim, arm yourself!

Product features:

  • Rechargeable — charging cord included
  • Carrying case included
  • On/Off switch and safety pin safety mechanisms
  • High-powered LED flashlight

The safe grip stun gun features a safety pin and an on/off switch which disables the stun feature to prevent accidental discharge.

Product specs:

  • 2.4 million volts
  • 200 Lumens
  • Dimensions: 5.125" x 1.785" x 1.085"
  • Weight: 5 oz

Never go out without some stunning protection — arm yourself today!  

*Please consult your local — state, county, and city — stun gun and non-lethal weapon carrying laws.

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