About Us

I started Code Black Security due to the intensified social climate and increased physical violence towards women. With a growing family, I understood my role as mother, and our innate instinct to protect our children which transitioned to recognizing the significance of proper education on personal security threats, identifying them, avoiding potentially unsafe encounters, and what to do if you are in a situation. Our mission is to empower women to protect themselves when necessary.

-Owner, Asia Wadley 

Uncertain, Traumatized & Betrayed

Why Code Black Security Is More Than Just A Business

I want to share a few stories of about what was the inspiration behind Code Black Security, so you all can understand who I am and what I represent.

I was raised in a single parent household watching my mom do everything she could to give my sister and I the best, and we were happy just the three of us.

I remember in 1999 when I was in 4th grade there was one evening, I dreamt I heard glass shatter. My mom’s at the time ex-boyfriend had broken into our house, kick down the door to my mom’s bedroom and forced her to talk to him. What awaken me was my mom’s voice yelling in terror. My instinct was to protect her! I ran grabbed the bat and started to hit him in his back to defend my mom! Get out! I yelled. Maybe this made him come back to his senses and realize what he had done because he did in fact leave.

From that day forward, I didn’t know it at the time but I was traumatized. I didn’t feel safe, and whenever my mom would even yell my name just to ask a question, if I was asleep, I would jump out of my sleep and run to her thinking she was being attacked again, heart beating, and adrenaline racing through my blood.

The relevance of this story is that I can relate to feeling unsafe even in your own home. Some families don’t have a man in the home so as women we have to be prepared to defend ourselves!

Recently I spoke with my best friend discussing my past and why I felt it was necessary as women to have personal protection especially with the #metoo movement empowering women to come forward. She shared with me that she had been raped by a so-called mutual friend of ours. It hurt my heart! I am suppose to be my sisters keeper and someone violated her. Someone I considered a friend.

This motivated me to take the next step and establish a company that offers a solution for women that both educates and empowers us to protect ourselves. And be the voice for change on what a protector looks like. #Girlpower

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