6 Tips to Avoid Becoming the Victim of a Violent Crime: Tips 1-3

As positive and trusting as we want to be in an effort to find the best in others and see the beauty in the world, the truth is that the world is cruel and full of opportunistic criminals searching for their next target. While the ideal scenario would be one that doesn't involve violence and all violent crimes would be mitigated, this just isn’t the way it works.

We’ve all heard it: “don’t go out alone;” “always travel in pairs;” “don’t dress provocatively;” “don’t be a tease’“don’t walk in the dark;” “wear practical shoes that will allow you to run;” “take krav maga;” “don’t wear makeup or be too pretty;” “don’t drink alcohol;” and other such nonsense tips on how to avoid being the victim of sexual assault or other violent crimes. What is this, the “Handmaid’s Tale?” You are allowed to be a sexy, independent, drunk woman in public after hours, and not be asking for it. Join us in today’s post as we offer you some practical tips on how to avoid becoming the victim.

Before we jump right in, we’d like to take a moment to emphasize the fact that if you do become the victim of a violent crime, that it is not due to your lack of following these, or any other tips, and is in no way your fault. Those who hurt other people hold sole responsibility for their actions, and there should be no victim blame or shame. These tips are meant to help you think wisely about situations to help you avoid giving an aggressor the opportunity to hurt you.

1. Stay alert, stay alive.

All too often we are busy and distracted, walking down the street handling business on the phone — talking, texting, sending emails, or checking social media — just completely wrapped up in our own little worlds, seemingly oblivious to the world around us. Some people feel like this is simply “minding their own business,” but it is dangerous. Aggressors look for those who can be easily caught off guard — they make great targets and terrible witnesses. To avoid becoming a victim, remain vigilant, pay attention to your surroundings.

2. Mask your vulnerability.

Being sensitive and caring are traits that are admirable and should never be quelled. However, you can have soft, squishy insides that are encased in a tough exterior. Perpetrators that are looking for victims are looking for those who give off a vulnerable vibe and appear as though they have no fight. Even if you have no fight — and, we don’t believe that for a minute! — fake it, and express a tough, confident woman when you are traveling alone or are in public.

3. Dismiss false securities.

All too often women get complacent with a false sense of security. You know how you feel more comfortable when you are out with a large group of friends? Nothing could happen with all those witnesses around, right? Wrong. Criminals are like wolves who know how to separate a sheep from the flock. Identify your safety nets and dismiss those things that only offer a false sense of protection — your boyfriend in tow, a group of your gal pals, the security camera in the corner.

Stay tuned for part two where we will continue the discussion on how to avoid becoming a victim of violent crime. And, in the meantime, check out our online store to discover our entire collection of high-quality self-defense items for women.

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