Saved By a Stun Gun - Stories of Success

There has been much debate in recent years on both the efficiency of stun guns and the ethical use of stun guns. Many who look into purchasing a stun gun for the purpose of self-defense are wary that it may not be enough to thwart an attack, while others fear using a stun gun on an attacker, concerned that it may cause lethal damage. Let’s review a few statistics that may help put your mind at ease. Police have been able to save more than 9,000 lives by using stun guns instead of bullets to mitigate violent situations and subdue aggressors. Last year, admittedly, there were 156 deaths that were attributed to the use of tasers or stun guns. However, in most of these events, there were other circumstances that contributed to the death of the person who was stunned such as being under the influence, violent or dangerous acts, and having to be tased or stunned more than three times.

The loudest argument that should resonate is that if you are in the situation where you are engaging your stun gun, it is because another person is perpetrating violence against you and threatening to violate your human rights. Protecting them from the debilitating electrical current should be the least of your concerns. Many studies show that even though stun guns can incapacitate even the largest aggressors, there is no lasting damage to organs. Let’s review some success stories from actual survivors.

Saved in a Parking Garage

Jessica, 22, Phlebotomist

Jessica was finishing her shift at the local community hospital where she worked and was heading to her car in the parking garage. The area she worked in was not in the best part of town, but the parking garage was on hospital property, was well lit, and had security cameras and roving security guards. The sun had set long ago and visiting hours were long over by the time she was clocking out and navigating row after row in the tall parking garage. Always on high alert, Jessica had her keys between her fingers in one hand and holding her stun gun as a flashlight in the other. She made it safely to her car and was inside, closing the door when a hand stopped the door from closing. She hadn’t seen or heard the man come up to her car! She wondered how long he had been watching or following her and immediately laid on the horn with her knee while she reached across with her stun gun and caught her attacker in the hip. He lost his grip on the door, giving her enough time to slam and lock it.

Saved in the Mountains

Sandra, 46, Hiker

Sandra and her husband Bill were hiking and camping in the Appalachian Mountains, as was their tradition every Memorial Day weekend. On one of their evening hikes, they noticed they were being stalked by a mountain lion. They quietly headed back to camp, keeping an eye on the beast that was hunting them. Sandra drew her stun gun just seconds before the mountain lion pounced. She gave it a shock and Sandra and Bill ran back to the safety of camp, alerting the others of the danger lurking.

Saved in the Park

Gloria, 36, Runner

Gloria was in the peak of training for a 10k and regularly ran through the local park in the early morning hours when the world was still quiet. On a Tuesday morning as she entered the third mile that looped through a dense tree area, another jogger headed in the opposite direction did a U-turn to fall in step right behind her. Fearing the worst, she picked up her pace and he followed suit. At the next slight turn, she suddenly ducked behind a bush and waited for him to pass. When he stopped and looked around for her, she engaged her stun gun, rendered him incapacitated and sprinted back to her car.

Saved at the Rave

Rochelle, 16, Student

Rochelle, along with 25 other students attended a rave instead of the school function they told their parents they were at. Alcohol and recreational drugs were abundant, and casual hookups were encouraged. Rochelle and two of her friends were dancing, enjoying their high, when a group of older boys joined in their dancing, getting a little too close. When the girls attempted to give themselves space, the older boys closed the circle a little tighter. Rochelle found the stun gun her mom and given her and gave the boys one last chance to back up. Mockingly, they laughed. Rochelle engaged the stun gun and all the older boys took a step back. Rochelle and her friends promptly left the rave, virginity intact.

There are many takeaway lessons that we can learn from these women’s stories. These accounts show awareness, self-defense, and preparation with personal protective devices. We are happy to announce that all of these women and their perpetrators made it out of that situation unscathed, but how many other people haven’t? Every woman deserves to be the “wrong woman to mess with.” Arm yourself with a stun gun and prevent becoming a victim of violence. Browse our entire collection of stun guns and other non-lethal personal protection devices online today.

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