5 Effective Self-Defense Weapons For Women

Many women have started to arm themselves with personal protection weapons that will help them defend off predators and unwanted attention. However, when you are looking for the best weapon for you, the options may seem overwhelming. Here, we would like to help you decide which non-lethal personal protective device is right for you.

Stun Guns

Stun guns offer you powerful protection in an easy-to-use and concealable device. We love stun guns because they have the ability to incapacitate even the biggest perpetrator, mitigating violence without causing long-lasting or lethal damage. Stun guns can be used over again without replacing the device. The best part about stun guns is the ability to carry them wherever you go and to easily use them with the simple touch of a button. Check out our entire line at Code Black Security, including our stun guns that are disguised as perfume.

Folding Knives

Folding knives offer a level of protection not offered by any other non-lethal personal protection device. Quick opening folding knives are easy to carry, conceal and use. We like knives because they let an attacker know that you mean business and help defend yourself against anyone. However, unless you are comfortable with a knife and prepared to use it, you may want to choose another device. Many women hesitate with a self-defense weapon that may draw blood or can be used as a potentially lethal device. Invest in a knife along with some self-defense training — preparation is protection!

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray, or mace, has been used for decades by both law enforcement and regular women to defend against attackers. The great thing about pepper spray is how quickly and effectively it will render an attacker incapacitated, allowing you to get away before they recover. Additionally, mace will not blind or disfigure someone for the long-term, which encourages people to use it more readily. However, it is important to practice spraying it and be aware of the direction in which it is spraying — you wouldn’t want to inadvertently mace yourself!

Panic Alarm

Panic alarms are not actually self-defense weapons, but are personal protective devices that alert to law enforcement and standers-by that you need help. Some panic alarms send a silent signal to authorities, while some create a very loud alarm, alerting people who can hear it that you need help while scaring off the perpetrator. Many smartphones have internal panic alarms that you can enable. Check out what your phone offers.

UV Defense Spray

UV defense spray is along the same lines of pepper spray but helps to also mark your perpetrator. UV defense spray allows you to temporarily blind your attacker so that you can get away and lets everyone they come into contact know that they have attempted to perpetrate violence. This is great because studies show that in the heat of the moment, we are all terrible witnesses, and markings make it easy to definitively state who it was who attacked you. Whatever personal protective device you choose, you should feel comfortable with it and know how to use it in stressful situations.

At Code Black Security, we don’t just sell self-defense products for women, we are a community committed to empowering all women. We believe that preparation is prevention and the best defense is a good offense. Browse our entire line of personal protection equipment and let us help you defend yourself.

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