11 Times You Should Carry Personal Protection Devices

Arm Yourself for Defense

It is an unfortunate reality that as women, every activity or event is something we have been conditioned to either fear, avoid, or prepare for. At Code Black Security, we believe that preparation is protection and our mission is to provide the means for every woman to be protected at all times. In today’s article, we will review a few times that you should be armed and ready to defend yourself at a moment’s notice. If you are looking for a stun gun or a folding knife that are as pretty as they are effective, shop our entire line of personal protective devices for women online today!

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On the trail.

When you go out running, walking, cycling, or hiking, it is best to let someone know where you are going and when you should be back. This is important just in case anything happens. Even if you know the trail well, you never know who else does as well. It is also best if you take a friend or dog with you and don’t distract yourself with loud music so that you can be more aware of your surroundings. Carrying a stun gun can help ward off attackers.

In a parking lot.

The Son of Sam is not the only predator to have been known for stalking women in parking lots. Parking lots are the perfect place for perpetrators to look for victims. People are distracted, often have their hands full, and no one is really watching what other people are up to. Keep yourself safe by carrying some sort of easily accessible personal protection device.

On the road.

Your car is one of the most dangerous places you can be for many reasons. While you are inside your own vehicle, you may be tempted to feel a false sense of security. For the most part, you are safe from predators, however, there are a variety of situations that can turn the secure comfort to a dangerous situation — breakdowns, pullovers, and traffic stops are just a few examples of times when potential aggressors can find opportunity. It is a good idea to keep a flip knife in your car to defend yourself against opportunistic predators and locked seatbelts.

To and from work.

While it is not legal to have weapons at your place of work, it is a good idea to have some form of non-lethal protection as you are going to and from work. Work is a routine that all of us have, schedules, entry and exits, and routines are all usually the same. When we are heading to and from work, we feel safe and can get complacent. Again, the perfect recipe for a predator to pounce. Prevent becoming a victim when you have a stun gun handy.

To and from home.

Just as most car accidents happen within five miles of home, so do most violent crimes and abductions. Unfortunately, most violence against women takes place by someone the victim knows. Traveling to and from your home is something that stalkers watch for. Be prepared to fend off a predator and defend your home.

Social gatherings.

Social gatherings, especially crowded places full of strangers or where alcohol is consumed —- club, bar, party — aggressors may strike. And, unfortunately, some are not even aware that they are doing anything wrong. Society’s views on drinking and the word “no” seem rather ambiguous most times. In two out of every three sexual assaults, both the victim and the perpetrator were intoxicated and the case becomes a “he said, she said.” Don’t become an unintentional victim, make sure you have some power to put behind your “no!” Additionally, when you have the means to protect yourself, you can also provide bystander intervention to help someone else.

At school.

College campuses around the nation are notorious for being relatively safe, but home to some opportunistic predators. The rate of sexual assault on college campuses are inappropriately high — one in four college students will suffer sexual assault during their academic career — and are often attributed to misunderstandings. Ensure no one misunderstands you when you have a non-lethal personal protection device handy.


Large events where many strangers are crowded together — sporting, concert, fairs — it is not uncommon for personal space to be violated. Predators are well aware of this and may take the opportunity to exploit this fact. Many of these events do not allow for you to carry a weapon, so non-lethal personal protection devices may serve as a better option to offer protection.

Crowded places.

Events are not the only place where strangers crowd together and defining lines for personal space gets muddled. In crowded public areas — malls, busy sidewalks, movie theaters — there is the potential for a predator to take advantage of someone. Keeping a stun gun readily available can provide you with the opportunity to make sure the lines of your personal space are clear.

Public transportation.

Public transportation, while convenient, tends to be crowded and full of strangers. These crowded means of travel — subway, bus, taxi — have been the site of many assaults. When you arm yourself, you can reduce the chances of it happening to you, and stop an assault perpetrated against a fellow passenger.

On a date.

The unfortunate truth is that you cannot trust everyone you know. One in five women are the victim of date rape and 80 percent of assaults are perpetrated by someone the victim knows. Many times, victims are less willing to fight off a perpetrator when it is someone they know. Don’t allow an acquaintance to cross the lines into something you are uncomfortable with. Arm yourself with a non-lethal weapon such as a purse-ready stun gun.

After reading all these places that you should be ready to defend yourself, you may be thinking that’s basically everywhere, all the time! And, you’d be right! At Code Black Security, we believe that all women have the right to feel safe and protected at all times. That is why we offer non-lethal self-protection devices that are easy to conceal and easy to use. These devices allow you to carry on about your life, confident and safe. Browse our entire selection of stun guns and folding knives today.

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